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Welcome to DEV-THREADS!

Do you need support in implementing a software project? Then you are in good hands with us. Our company specializes in software development. Whether you need temporary support for a large project or want to develop a new application from scratch - we are happy to advise you during your endeavor.

As the name suggests, our focus is on the development of software. We are passionate programmers with the goal of writing well-thought-out and understandable code for our customers. Our team offers, for example, the following competencies:

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Implementing complex algorithms
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer vision / pattern recognition
  • Web technologies
  • Prototyping

For the realization of our projects, we use the appropriate programming languages, tools, and libraries as needed.

We often find ourselves in front of new challenges during our time at work. Our newly created blog serves as documentation and reference for past problems. We hope that our contributions may help other developers worldwide.



  • Applications
    • TAPE
    • FIONa
    • GDTS



    One of our main tasks for our clients is supporting the development of applications. For example, various applications for the medical field were developed based on a prototype platform created for this purpose. In addition to co-designing the prototype framework, our responsibilities include implementing, extending, and maintaining the prototypes.

    In other projects, we support our clients in developing sophisticated 2D and 3D applications as well as data preparation and data visualization.

  • Algorithms



    In the field of algorithms, our focus is primarily on the medical domain. Examples include segmentation methods for medical images or 2D-3D registration methods. The applications are versatile, ranging from imaging to navigation and robotics.

    However, we also develop algorithms for other domains, such as particle simulations in computational physics and geometry processing methods.

  • Prototyping



    We support our clients in developing and implementing prototypes in both hardware and software domains. Hardware prototypes are created using various tools like SolidWorks and CircuitMaker. We also utilize 3D printing technologies for rapid prototyping.

    In software prototyping, we create quick, functional models that help in visualizing and testing the proposed systems. These prototypes often undergo several iterations before the final product is developed.


  • Andreas | main-thread


    dev-threads GmbH was founded by me in 2019, after working as a freelance software developer for several years. I take care of project acquisition and all organizational tasks, ensuring that we successfully complete projects together with our clients.

    Since 2021, we have implemented a certified quality management system. QM has now become an integral part of our daily work. To involve employees as much as possible in QM processes, we use tools familiar to developers, such as Git.

    Software development continues to be my daily bread. Over time, I have learned various languages, frameworks, and tools.

    As the main-thread, it is particularly important for me to know what the other threads in our projects are working on. The diversity of projects also allows me to constantly learn. Regular sync meetings help me stay up-to-date with software technologies, although not as deeply as my employees are by now.

  • Johannes | mentor-Thread

    HELLO reader.dev-threads.de
    MAIL FROM: <j.pieger@dev-threads.de>
    RCPT TO: <contact@dev-threads.de>
    From: "Johannes Pieger" <j.pieger@dev-threads.de>
    To: "Dear Reader" <contact@dev-threads.de>
    Subject: Who am I

    Johannes here,

    the contact person for all questions regarding C++, Python, and architecture design. I not only value writing functional code but also advocate for having beautiful, tested, and maintainable code. This includes automated tests, build & deploy via CI server, meaningful documentation, and everything that comes with it. And if any of the colleagues, internally or externally, get stuck, then I am enthusiastically ready with advice. Don't hesitate, ask Johannes!

  • Lukas | producer-thread

    Hi! I'm Lukas,

    the modern web has arrived for me as well, which is why I have been increasingly working with TypeScript and Vite for quite some time now. Since I used to primarily deal with geometry and graphics processing, Rust has also become a constant companion. Despite its closeness to hardware, the language manages to bridge the gap to the web and is excellent for collaboration with various web technologies. In my professional life, I have accumulated several years of experience in algorithmic geometry generation for Industry 4.0 and have developed, among other things, a C++/Qt application that enables the control and display of these algorithms. I have also gained extensive experience with Python and C# and have worked with various frameworks such as Django. I also had the opportunity to work with Microsoft's augmented reality glasses, the HoloLens 2. In this context, I developed a Unity application for the medical sector that allowed virtual interaction with real devices in the operating room. Throughout all these endeavors, it has always been my special concern to develop efficient and maintainable software. Thus, I have extensive experience with testing, documentation, and version control (git) as well.

    When my thread finally returns with results in the evening, I enthusiastically tinker with various hardware privately. Recently, I developed my first board with KiCad, which found its place as a channel selector in a self-built stereo amplifier. I am also passionate about servers in the Linux environment, especially for use as NAS with the ZFS filesystem. Finally, I have also become addicted to 3D printing and have created my first models with Fusion360.

  • Chris | web-Thread

    Hello, I'm Chris.

    I'm responsible for everything that should run in the web browser. Responsive websites, web apps, or touch applications are my specialty. Using HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and SQL, I create websites with or without CMS, databases, or offline applications. I work closely with design agencies to ensure that the user experience is as high as possible with their expertise. To balance the headache that programming brings, I find relief in sports, including basketball or darts.

  • Sina | fiber-thread

    Hi, I'm Sina. Five years ago, I started at dev-threads, and since then, I've been working with our partner Siemens Healthineers.

    I have many years of experience in Python development. However, since 2023, I have been working with a motivated team on the development of a modern frontend using TypeScript and the React framework.

    Throughout my career, I have tried to gain a comprehensive understanding of software development by taking on various tasks in frontend and backend and attending training sessions in software architecture and software testing.

    With years of practical experience, I strive to expand my expertise and become a full-stack developer to utilize my skills in creating robust, scalable, and efficient solutions from frontend to backend.

    I place great emphasis on code readability, good test cases, and up-to-date documentation.

  • Johar | ml-thread

    Hi, my name is Johar. I feel at home in data analysis, machine learning, and image processing. For implementing the algorithms, I mostly used Python as well as C/C++ and C#. In my early projects, I also gained a lot of experience with Protobuf and Deep Learning. In the last project, I also gained extensive experience in Docker and Kubernetes.

    As you may have already guessed, I am also experienced in Pytorch, Tensorflow, Kibana, and Pandas. I follow CI/CD and use git for version control daily. I am always open to learning new things and enriching my skills. Additionally, I am a nature lover and sports enthusiast.

  • Sridivya | ml-thread

    Hello, I'm Sri. I have a master's degree in Biomedical Informatics with a focus on medical data analysis and solving problems through machine learning. After graduating, I joined dev-threads in December 2020. Since then, I've been working for a client specializing in medical technology. This allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained during my studies and understand in detail how medical devices used in interventional angiography work. Additionally, I learned to develop software in a Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and work with many tools like Git, Microsoft Azure, and Docker. However, my main interest lies in working with Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, and Pandas.

    Before my master's degree, I worked in an IT company in India. During that time, I worked with SQL in quality assurance for a telecommunications company in Australia. I was responsible for combined acceptance and integration tests for functional requirements.

    I also love exploring new places and passionately capture moments to help me relive those travels.

  • Marcel | fiber-thread

    Good day, Marcel here.
    I've joined the team as a generalist, a helping hand for colleagues in general, and as a consultant and developer for C#. Thanks to my training in application development and many years in quality management, I've learned some tricks on how to not only get a project up and running but also keep it running.

    Of course, being a generalist entails more than just one specialization. Whether it's development with Python, the web with JavaScript and TypeScript, or even a dive into Delphi; together with the team, I tackle every project.

    And to have a balance from the daily work, I spend my evenings reading fantasy novels and playing the occasional computer game. On weekends, I hunt helpless adventurers through underground tombs and ancient ruins as a game master.

  • Claudio | fiber-thread

    mov ah, 9
    mov dx, 100h+$+6
    int 21h
    db "Hello everyone! \
    In parallel with over a decade of video game reverse engineering, I have now landed at dev-threads occasionally. I support the team with general development tasks and as an innovator to simplify development processes for my colleagues and future generations of students. I often find myself in foreign code, quickly getting used to it, regardless of the language – after all, I'm used to it even without debug symbols :) If something goes wrong again in an open-source component, I don't hesitate to find out the precise cause and submit the fix as a pull request to the maintainers. \
    Inspired by the Handmade and Suckless movements, I tend to minimal, stable, sometimes unconventional, but always understandable solutions in my own work. If you can't remove any more components for the same functionality, I'm satisfied with my work :) With the saved headaches, there is still enough energy left, for example, for administering our servers. \

  • Alexander | dev-thread

    Hello! I'm Alex,

    since November 2022 I've been part of the Dev-threads team. I completed my master's degree in late 2021 with the implementation of an algorithm for dynamic motion planning. On the way there, I first studied mechatronics and then electrical and mechatronic systems. Accordingly, I have learned various engineering disciplines and acquired a good general understanding.

    Outside of work, I am very active in nature. In particular, I'm passionate about climbing, sailing, and kitesurfing.

  • Christoph | math-thread

    I'm Christoph and to me, Rust is more than just a name. It's a valued tool that allows both low-level hardware access and high-level abstraction. Otherwise, I also feel at home in other strongly typed languages like C, C++, or Haskell, but can also handle dynamic languages like Python or R. Before finding a new home at dev-threads, my professional life was mainly in the academic field. Here I dealt with the statistical analysis of high-dimensional data (especially FDA and GDFM). My work revolved around the interpretability and applicability of functional regression models and provided some theoretical results for (real) dynamic generalized factor models.

    I find balance by spending time with my family. If there's still time, you can find me on my bike or in steep terrain.

  • Daniel | math-thread


    I'm Daniel and I came to dev-threads as an expert in mathematical optimization. During my studies in technical mathematics, I not only acquired knowledge in the mathematical field and technical mechanics, but also became familiar with various programming languages (C++, Java, Python, SQL, MATLAB). I then completed a doctorate in Applied Mathematics, specifically in the structural optimization of lightweight components and porous media based on finite element simulations.

    Since December 2023, I have been the contact person at dev-threads for questions about optimization algorithms, parameter tuning, and preconditioning.

    I spend my free time with my family, preferably exploring the surroundings on our bikes.




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